Custom Solenoids

Contact us to allow our engineering staff to customize a standard solenoid or magnetic latching solenoid, or design an entirely new solenoid unique to your application. Look at the examples below to see a sampling of what we have done for other customers.

Common modifications to an existing standard solenoid

 latching solenoidSpring Return

Adding a spring return to a standard solenoid is a common modification. Deltrol Controls' engineering staff will ensure the spring force is properly matched to the solenoids' performance.

Plunger Modification for solenoidsPlunger Modification

Modifying the plunger connecting detail is the most common standard solenoid modification. From simple cross hole modifications to complex yoke designs, we can make a solenoid to work in your application.

Lead & Connector Assembly for solenoidsLead & Connector Assembly

We are capable of supplying lead wire and connector assemblies attached to standard solenoids. This ensures a proper electrical fit-up with your application.

Push SolenoidsPush Solenoids

If your application requires a push solenoid, we can easily modify standard solenoids to incorporate a push rod.

Captivated Plunger inside the solenoidsCaptivated Plunger

If your application requires the plunger to be captive inside the solenoids, we can provide one of many cost-effective solutions.

Solenoids designed for specific applications

Fuel Shut Off SolenoidsFuel Shut Off Solenoids

This fuel shut-off solenoids design has a plastic-encapsulated body with the ability to rotate the coil terminals to any position after assembly.

Security SolenoidSecurity Solenoids

This solenoid assembly is used in a lock application and is an example of our value added capabilities.  It has a dual wound coil to provide the ability to operate with two different voltage inputs depending on how the wires are connected.

Encapsulated CoilsEncapsulated Coils

These encapsulated coils for hydraulic valve applications are designed to be used in highly stressful environments, and can be produced with a wide variety of coil termination options.

Solenoid With  Custom Mounting FeatureSolenoids With Custom Mounting Feature

The C-Frame solenoids have a highly unique mounting configuration that is integrally molded into the coil.

Pulse Width Modulation Circuit For SolenoidsPulse Width Modulation Circuit For Solenoids

We have developed a patented pulse width modulation (PWM) circuit that can be assembled onto a custom or standard solenoid. The PWM circuit provides pulse duty pull forces for continuous duty applications.

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